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Client: Chain of self-service stores

Need: Control and manage effectively the documentary processes (certificates, opinions, licenses, responsive, etc.) applicable to all stores in order to ensure legal compliance in time and in form avoiding falling into maturity and therefore in payment of fines.

Solution: An application was created in VBA to be able to effectively manage the information, providing the client with the functionality to set expiration dates for each document, as well as the store, the person in charge and the status, this information is distributed through the mailing of automatically responsible, with the ability to generate reports to see first hand the general status of all stores.


Client: Leading company in the production of dairy products

Need: Calculate and determine the training indicators of all employees according to the training matrix established as objective, thus ensuring compliance with the annual goals of the training area.


Solution: A report was developed through VBA to automate the processing of employee files, courses, instructors, etc. issued from the ERPs of the company to perform the calculation of the indicators and present the progress according to the training matrix.

Client: Empresa líder en la producción de cervezas

Need: Controlar y administrar de manera eficaz las incidencias en los equipos de las líneas de producción para asegurar la pronta solución de la incidencia.

Solución: Se desarrolló una aplicación en VBA para capturar las incidencias registrando quien la detectó, la fecha, el tipo y el equipo en donde ocurrió. Esta aplicación permitió determinar en base a la información capturada las estadísticas pertinentes a las incidencias mostrándolas en varios reportes generados de manera automática.

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