It provides the knowledge required to fully exploit Microsoft Excel in a business environment, the participant will be more productive and efficient in their work saving time in making reports to invest in the analysis of them.

The participant will know the Microsoft Excel environment. Create basic books and spreadsheets, perform simple calculations, modify, apply formatting and print spreadsheets and manage workbooks.

Those involved will know the main tools that allow them to better develop their tasks in a shorter time, increasing their productivity by simplifying their work and saving time by working efficiently using Microsoft Excel.

The participant will know the so-called power functions, learn how to build formulas and functions at an intermediate and advanced level as well as their use in everyday situations and applications in the real business world.

No other tool in Excel gives you the flexibility and analytical power of dynamic tables, making it the most powerful feature which you will learn to use with real practical exercises.

The knowledge acquired in this workshop will allow the participant to identify the concepts of the VBA language with the purpose of using them in the development of macros and personalized functions that improve the performance and efficiency in the work with spreadsheets.

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